Details: This is my 1979 Toyota 4X4 Pickup. It has an '86 22R backed by a 4 speed, Ice Crawler box #003, with a set of 2:28 gears in the first case and 4:70 gears in the second case. The axles are stock running Detroits front and rear with 4:37 gears. The suspension is always changing but always Toyota. I have tons of Toy parts so I use what I have and stick to it. The front is 3" Downey with shackles and pivoting front mount. Shocks are Rancho 13.5" travel shocks and are completely used up. The rear is Downey 3" with shakles. This setup yields me 36"s of articulation. I plan on changing the rear to buggy and reversed spring with pivot mounts for more travel soon. The tires are still BFG's but I have 35" Boggers in the shadows waiting to be mounted. A warn 8000 sits up front and Orchard Supply white paint finishes off the body color. What else needs to be said except that it is broken more than it runs and it eats money faster than I make. I guess that is a given in this sport though.


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