Photo Gallery for my M715.

Here is my new toy and project. As you can see, it still has a long way to go, but it will be worth it. When I am done, there will not be many other like this one. BIG, mean, and ugly.

I have been working on the truck lately. I have finished the spring over. And am in the process of getting front disc brakes. While I wait for the brakes, I am cleaning up some of the body parts. Which means bending some back, welding other parts in, and trying to get all the old paint off. Takes a lot more time then I had thought. But it is coming along.

I have to decide whether I want to put a small body lift on the cab, or do a little fender clearancing. I have to replace the body mounts anyways, and thought that if I double the rubber mounts, this should give the needed clearance for articulation of the 44" tires.

And yes, I know that rubber wears out faster then the Poly bushings, but the poly bushings also tend to put additional stress on the body itself. And any softer of a ride that I can get will be appriciated.
I plan on using 4 wheel disc brakes, and would like to get a master cylinder for a HMMWV. They have LARGE pistons designed for all discs. But until I find one, I will use a master cylinder from a J20 with front discs. And will plumb all my own brake lines. Most of the original is there. But has seen better days. And the fact that I don't trust it. I will also use either synthetic brake fluid, or the silicon brake fluid. Whatever I can afford. DOT 5 probably.
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OK, here are few more pictures that show my new tires, and a little black Krylon.

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