A little info on my Jeeps.
1974 CJ-5. Five inch custom springs, two inch body lift. Dana 44 rear with Spool in rear. 4.10 gears rear and 4.11 front. I have built a solid rollor 402 AMC stroker motor, fully blueprinted and balanced. I have done about 90% of the work myself at the machine shop. So if anyone has any off the wall questions. Jeep CJ version T-18. I now have a Scout Dana 300 t-case that is sitting because the gears are bad. I am using a Dana 20 for now.
The motor has a solid roller cam custom ground by Crane. The intake is a Edelbrock Torker. It is also using a Milodon dual line oil pickup kit along with Milodon's 7qt deep sump oil pan. Headers are 1 5/8" right now. But will change to 1 3/4" soon. It has 2 1/2" aluminized pipe going into a pair of two chamber Flowmasters, and 2 1/4" pipe out the back. Using a modified Carter 750 carb for daily driving, and a Predator for racing. I am using a Mallory 140 gph fuel pump for now, but hoping for something better in the near future. Maybe a Paxton 300. Have the larger 21 gallon gas tank.
ALL gauges are AutoMeter. Have the isolated fuel pressure gauge to keep track of PSI at high rpm and under NOS. Tach, oil pressure, water temp, fuel gauge, ampmeter, and plan on a air fuel mixture gauge soon. Grant steering wheel on a tilt column from a Cherokee. Summit racing seats with RCI 5-point 3" racing harnesses for both seats. Back seat out of newer Jeep that double folds, nice difference in the short CJ-5. Double rear sport bar with front sport bar and connectors. All bars connected to the frame to help with frame flex. Line locks on front brakes for Froadin and for racing. New Centerforce dual friction clutch with custom pressure plate and weights from a big block Vette setup. Said to hold over 700 horsepower. Using Redline Synthetic Heavy ShockProof gear oil. I am using a flex fan for right now, but will change to dual electric soon. 15x10" rims with 16/35x15" Super Swamper Boggers. Got a York A/C compressor that I will use as a on board air compressor in the near future as well.

1967 Kaiser M715. It has a cab, hood and nose piece from a 1976 J10. I used the nose piece so that a larger radiator will fit in without any problems. A small Gladiator style grille just to set it off a little.
It has 5.87 gears in the Dana 60 front and Dana 70 rear axles. Both of which are open for right now. Soon to have either Detriots, or Detriot front and spool rear. It has power steering from a J10 as well. And I did a spring over for the front axle and flipped the rear shackles, and the shackle mounts, for a total lift of close to 6". I currently have a 3" body lift on the cab and nose until I make sure that the motor will clear the heater box, brake booster, and the firewall. If at all possible I will take the body lift out, but I will not know that part until I put the 402 in there.
I used from frame perches from a J10 for locating the motor mounts, and used a spare block for test fitting. It has a NP435 tranny, with a modified NP208 that will be for low range only. I will then run a divorced NP205 for the second low range and 4x4 use. This should all give me a crawl ratio of about 200 to 1. Which should be enough to go slow enough with the tall tires.
The rims are 16.5" x 14", and are a mixture of stock, and other rims. I had the center sections cut out of some 8 lug rims, and had the stock centers welded in. I am hoping to get Tireloc beadlocks. These are the kind that go inside the wheel. And they can be transfered to new rims if I decide to change rims. The tires that I have right now are 44" Gumbo Mudders. But I will be getting either 44" Super Swamper TSLs, or Boggers.


E-mail me at: Hammer@froadin.com