The FSJ Section.

The FSJ section. While the M715 is a military vehilce, it is still a Full Size Jeep. And this section of my site will be dedicated to mostly the M715, but a good amount of this information is the same for FSJ's.
Bear with me if I make mistakes on information. I have been into Jeeps and froadin for years. And I know motors, but I might miss some stuff here. For now.
OK, I have a M715 with a J cab taken from a 76 J10. I also have the hood and the front grill. These peices look identical to the military parts, but the hood has the stronger dual latches, and doesn't tend to crack like the military version. And the grill is the same with only one real exception, the radiator supports are further apart and are made to hold a larger radiator. A good thing when running a larger V8 motor.
OK, this is the start. Here are some pictures and stories.
FSJ Photo Gallery

FSJ Stories

So until I get some pictures up here, and a story or two on how 'fun' the cab swap was. I will ask for some patience.
Build it, and they will come!
Everything that you need to know about M715's. Still under development. The M715 Zone.
Cool link for some FSJ's. International Full Size Jeep Association.