The latest project!

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I have always wanted to put M715 front fenders on a Cherokee, then fab in some rear fenders that would resemble the M715 style flat flare.
The greatest part of this project is that I have only put a 4" lift on the Jeep, did the fender work, and I can clear 38.5" tires.
I didn't want to have another FSJ that was too tall. I wanted to have the largest tires possible while keeping the Jeep as low as possible.
As it turns out, the stock M715 fenders, and the rear fender flares I have, will accomodate up to a 39.5" Super Swamper.
If I was to do a bit more trimming of interior body parts on the rear, and some more clearing on the front, and bump the lift up to 6", I should be able to fit some 42" Swampers. But until they come out with a 42" TSL SX, I won't really bother.